Azerbaijan sees significant increase in metallurgical production

The production volume of raw materials in the metallurgical industry of Azerbaijan amounted to 79.6 million manat ($46.8 million) from January through February 2020, an increase of 39.6 percent compared to the same period of 2019, Trend reports referring to the report of the State Statistical Committee.

The production of finished metal products increased by 56.5 percent, and reached 35.5 million manat ($20.8 million). The increase of 48.05 percent was recorded throughout the industry, and the total gross production amounted to 115.1 million manat ($67.7 million).

During the reporting period, in total, 43,900 tons of steel were smelted in Azerbaijan, showing a decline of 26 percent. Herein, 43,200 tons of rebar were produced, which decreased by 13.1 percent, and 491,000 tons of bars, shafts and profiles, increasing 3.2 times. The production of primary alloys of raw aluminum dropped by exactly a third – to 5.2 tons.

The production volume of building structures made of ferrous metals increased by 2.3 times, reaching 5.6 million manat ($3.2 million), while production of other structures made of ferrous metals increased by 26.4 percent, amounting to 4,680 tons. The production of flexible wires, cables and non-insulated cables made of copper amounted to 1,300 tons, showing an increase of 2.5 times.


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