The 1st edition “Ganzhou Brand Digital Expo – MENA Station” unveiled!

To implement the “Innovative exhibition service mode” initiative from Chinese Central Government and promote the economic recovery of Ganzhou, the offline opening ceremony of “Ganzhou Brand Digital Expo – MENA Station” was held on 10th Aug, 2020 in Ganzhou as well as live screaming format on GTW platform, which is organized by Ganzhou Bureau of Commerce and co-organized by CCPIT Ganzhou and MIE Groups.

Ganzhou is the southern gate of Jiangxi Province, as the largest and most populous districted city in Jiangxi province, China. Its trading business is driven strongly by its manufacturing export, especially Textile, Electronic information technology, Furniture & Household, New-energy vehicle & Bio-pharmaceutical. “Ganzhou Brand Digital Expo – MENA Station” will last 4 days and starts on 10th Aug to help Ganzhou companies present their products through GTW.

Some of the speakers that graced Monday’s offline opening ceremony including President of CCPIT Ganzhou, Mr. Dong Ganxiong; Deputy Director of Ganzhou Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Chen Xiaofeng; Vice president of MIE Groups, Mr. Sean. Part of speakers delivered speeches by Internet connection including Director General of Conference and Exhibition Department in CCOIC, Mr. Guo Yinghui; Vice president of MIE Groups Mr. Zahoor Ahmed; CEO Logistics of Dubai South, Government of Dubai, Mr. Mohsen Ahmad Alawadhi; Vice President, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dr. Eric Ruto.

Mr. Guo Yinghui pointed that Covid-19 is raging around the world. China has fought side by side with the Middle East and Africa to fight the epidemic and achieved hard-won results. Digitization of the World Economy is the trend now. In this context, “Ganzhou Brand Digital Expo – MENA Station” has the great significance for Ganzhou to actively integrate into the building of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Then Mr. Zahoor and Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, Mr. Mohsen Ahmad Alawadhi, Dr. Eric Ruto respectively spoke during the opening ceremony. Ganzhou government hoped this virtual exhibition will help their enterprises and get the win-win relationship with the companies in MENA region.

Before the opening ceremony, there was a special training session held by Mr. Lu Dan, director of the China Office of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Sean, Vice President of MIE, respectively gave professional, systematic and authoritative interpretations on the business opportunities of Dubai under the current epidemic and the new exhibition model under the digital economy.

In order to promote Ganzhou enterprises to resume manufacture, Ganzhou Bureau of Commerce, meticulously selected 15 certified manufacturer and worked with MIE Groups’ vast business network to identify MENA enterprises to participate in the virtual B2B matchmaking that will take place daily during 10th – 14th August, 2020.

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